Thursday, June 21, 2012

9 months old

Well Kagens a big cousin as of June 1st. We were very happy to finally meet miss AnaKate, and after her stay in the hospital and many trips back and forth to see her Kagen finally met her the day she came home and was so happy and I was more excited that I could actually hold her without sneaking. Kagen has been doing so good, today we had PT come and she will start onces a week with OT so we will have long nights those two nights but its ok whatever helps him makes me happy. He went to the ENT the other day and they sent us to another for more testing which turned out that he can hear fine and if there is any hearing lost its temporary because there might be fluid, but besides that mr. Kagen has been mean as ever. Hes getting to the stage now that when he gets excited he hits and he loves the girls bows when they wear them. He got in trouble the other day for hitting AnaKate but he wanted her bow. He really loves her, not much Aunt Jessica anymore but hes coming around. This is the 1st time he has seen her without her being pregnent with his best friend.
AnaKate and Kagen are going to be forever friends/cousins/brother.sister...AnaKate is also a sweet baby with something extra just like Kagen. It was love at first sight for me. I cant image life without her or Kagen. She is my sweet AnaKate and she is going to drive her mommy and daddy crazy when she gets older because shes going to want to stay with me, because I already no im going to be her favorite aunt and plus who else will gain up on her mom and dad better then me her and kagen. I cant wait until they get a little older when they both can do a little more and not so tiny. But AnaKate is growing way more then Kagen did. Shes going to be a chunk once she gets the right milk.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

alot going on :)

Well so I havent been keeping up with Kagen's blog like I planned on, but I have a good reason well excuse during the day I have 3 sweet babies that are here keeping me busy Molly being 8 months, Kagen being 7 1/2 months and Maddux being 6 weeks. The feeding, changing, and did I mention this is the first week Ive been alone during the day with more then just Kagen and I have 3 babies alone, but Ive got this down and I no that Kagen is enough for me because once everyone goes home I'm glad god only blessed me with one sweet little boy.
Well my sweet handsome little Kagen was sick last week but thank goodness he is back to him normal happy self, we slept in the living room for almost a week and I was ready ti get back in my bed. After starting the new medicine Mr.Kagen Ray is well and happy.

Kagen got his very first swing set well we only use the swing part but I wasnt sure if he was going to like it or not but he loves it, normally within mins of swing hes out like a light.
OT came yesterday and she is going to start Kagen in a hip supporter type thing she said its like bike shorts we will see how that goes, but she made a suprise trip back that afternoon and Kagen was in his jumperoo and boy did his eye get big and he was confused why she was back. Everytime the night after he has OT he wakes up crying/screaming a couple times, not sure if that is normal and around 5am he was talking, wish I knew what he was saying.
Kagen is learning to sit up, he can for almost a min then he either gets lazy and falls back or he swings his arms in excitment and falls, but he is doing good with it.he has learnt to clap his hands and he thinks he should do it everywhere we go. Last Sunday in church he was clapping and Kagen had something to say everytime the preacher stopped talking. Boy when we can understand what he is saying he is going to be a handful.

So I have been letting Kagen practice holding Maddux for when AnaKate gets here he will be a pro at it. Hes been doing so good but we will have to wait and see how he acts when its a baby that he has to share his grandaddy, nanny, and nana with I believe we will only have an issue with grandaddy because he dont like to share his grandaddy. We only have a few more weeks and little miss AnaKate will be here, I cant wait I have told everyone I think im more excited for her then I was Kagen, becuase I knew I was going to have to go through the pain and with AnaKate I get to enjoy her without any pain at all. But I dont really remember the pain with Kagen I was just ready to see him and hold him.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Well Mr.Kagen is almost 7 months old its hard to believe that time is going by way too fast. Ive got to start working on birthday stuff soon. Kagen has been doing very well besides not sleeping in his own bed anymore, hes been sleeping with me since he got his 6 months shots and everytime I put him in his crib he screams like someone is beating him. Mine and Lance's blood work came back and everything was normal.

Kagen wasnt very sure about the Easter Bunny he was feeling on his arm and the bunny wouldnt talk to him but on Easter when he got stuff he was pretty excited that the Easter Bunny brings presents too.

Mommy and Daddy love Kagen so much everyone matched. Daddy complained but he looked handsome but...Kagen will always look more handsome then daddy all the time.

Kagen has found something new he likes now. Its riding the tractor with grandaddy. He thinks everytime we go to nanny and grandaddys he should ride the tractor.

his 6 month pictures turned out so good.
Kagen seen Santa in Ryan's eating and had to get his picture and talk to him I told him he never knows when we will see Santa :)

Kagen and Molly they are only a week and 6 days apart its like having twins all day. He has picked up so much from her he dont want her doing more then him. He can almost, well he can when Kagen wants to sit up by himself. But with time he will be sitting up. then we will get really good pictures.

Kagen and Ginger, Ginger is daddys new puppy. Since those other dogs were WILD he had to get rid of them and so we got Ginger. Right now Ginger lets Kagen pull her ears and hair without biting him but once the dog starts biting my baby the dog is going to have to go mommys rule.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

mommys been slacking

As the title says I have been slacking on wrighting we have had to much going on and when Kagen goes to sleep at night so do I.....but here is the update on everything my sweet angel baby is doing so good.   well not too long after the last blog I posted we went to Lily's 3rd birthday which kagen wasnt so sure about one of the pony's because everytime I would but him on it, the pony would move but this one he liked he was telling his daddy and uncle sam that him and AnaKate want a pony :)
Kagen's face is priceless in this picture

Sweet Kagen turned 5 months old and of course he has his month sticker picture (I personally love this idea and think every child should have these so they can go back and look at what they looked like each month of their first year) and oneday when I have much more time Kagen will have a scrapbook of all his pictures which he has plenty might I add

I cant believe that he has gone from a 5lb back to a 15lb little man in 5 months eating food and growing up so fast I tell him all the time that he has to slow down mommy loves having little baby Kagen but he amazes me everyday
Kagen's 1st jonjon grandma maggie made him(we never meet her until this day but she has made him lots more) and we love her for that and she can be his grandma.

This picture was taken the day we got to see AnaKate 4D which Kagen and I loved very much, we always love seeing AnaKate and cant wait for her to be here. AnaKate looked beautiful, I dont believe she is going to have ds (but im no doctor) but if she does she will be very loved because she already has mine and Kagen's heart <3 but she still has av canel which is a heart defect but we looked at everything related to ds and seen no signs besides the heart.
sweet baby

another jonjon made by grandma maggie

mamas happy boy he is such a blessing.

Mr.Kagen and Miss.Molly they are only a week and 6 days apart and both perfect babies I started keeping her so Kagen would have someone to play with and boy has it been exciting, wasnt sure at first if Molly was going to fall into our daily routine but she did she is a really good baby.

We had an appt with the geneticist March 5th in Augusta, so we had to leave the day before to get there on time, Kagen did so well with the long ride but are hotel was across from the hospital and all the noise kept waken him up Im guessing but it might have been because he wasnt at home. He also didnt want to eat in his bumbo, thank god I couldnt find another bathtub to take so I took his or we wouldve had problems. the appt went good we learnt alot and we are waiting on our blood work to come back to find out anything.
here is one of Kagen's Easter pictures which I love very much. Also the night before the pictures Kagen slept all night in his crib in his room..Hes a big boy now :( I miss my baby going to sleep with me but its best for him and thats what matters, and he has done great every night since but Sunday when time changed it messed him up that day.
they are so cute I love it

Kagen yesterday he loves balls and doing so good holding it (throwing it)

I love these babies they are just so dang cute.. and so good this weekend our group is doing our down syndrome day at the park we are very excited to be apart of this and spend time with other kids and people like my sweet Kray. I would never change anything about this sweet little boy he has made me a much better person and able to see that unthinkable things can happen to anyone. But only special babies like Kagen are giving to a select few. I cant believe Mr.Kagen turns 6 months old a week from today which is also World Down Syndrome day World Wide :) (3-21-12)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Kagen is thinking about being a GA fan but daddy is a Gator so we will see..I hope hes like me and not care about football

This was the only good picture I got as I attempted to take Valentines picture he wasnt in a picture mood that day.

Kagen has been sick for a few days now. Hes had his very 1st Valentines day and we have gone to the audiologist today where we were unable to really find out anymore info about his hearing because he has fluid on his ear drum. Kagen was this months spot light in our ds group very exciting for baby K.
Kagen was dressed so cute for our ds meeting this month but needless to say he wasnt wearing this long before he had a diaper leak :( this was the picture taken before he starting feeling bad and only fussing when he wasnt being held.

mommys big boy Kagen wasnt feeling good but he was making his fishy face and I finally got a picture of it. We spend most the day after daddy leaves for work doing tummy time, seating up, or making faces. I wish everyone could be able to stay home with their children its such a blessing that I dont miss nothing that Kagen does. I love watching him grow.
 The night before Valentines day Kagen was up all night screaming I told him I wished he could talk and tell me what was wrong so I could help. He was having dirty diaper after another and he was sticking his hands in his mouth, so I wasnt sure if it was teething or stomach.
here is Kagens night night Valentines outfit he wasnt feeling good at all and he wasnt a fan of me taken pictures of him either. Let me add my sweet baby fall asleep that night in his crib when normally we cuddle and he sleeps with me. but around 11:30 I made Lance go get him because I didnt think he was ready to be alone at night in his room :) another thing I have rode in the back seat with Kagen since we came home from the hospital and Wednesday we took my Kia to the shop to get checked out and had my moms car so I had to drive and guess who didnt cry and just sang to the music my sweet little Kagen mommy couldnt believe it I was dreading the screaming he was going to be doing and he was perfect but we havent tempted it again yet.
moomys big boy gosh this picture makes me really sad that my sweet tiny baby is going to be 5 months old next Tuesday he looks so grown.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

long week

well lets see the past few days have been a world wind for us as well as the whole family. In the past week we have gotten news about AnaKate, Kagen rolled over, we made a trip to Macon, went to Tifton, and Lance aka daddy got not 1 but 2 puppies. well with all that said let me explain everything well we got the news AnaKate might have ds which is not an issue my sister loves Kagen and will accept a sweet baby girl that will be just as perfect as Kagen.
well after the OT visit we started playing it the extrasaucer instead of the jumperoo..Monday January 30th Mr.Kagen rolled over twice what a big boy but I have not yet to get it on video because some little boy doesnt do anything when you want him too its all on Kagen time. let me add I was so excited me rolled over that when I texted his daddy hes going to tell me he already seen him yeah right or he shouldve said something I dont believe it honestly because this is something to be excited about.
Me and Kagen were lucky enough to get to go to Macon and see AnaKate on ultrasound. Kagen watched her it was so sweet but kept looking at his Aunt Jessica not knowing what they were doing to her. We didnt get the results that we were looking for there but we are praying the doctor is wrong and this is all in Gods hands but I have a feeling that things are going to be ok and that this doctor dont no what he is talking about because Miss. AnaKate is going to be a fighter like her aunt and cousin. see I can take all the credit for my neice since well this is the only girl since me and because she is named after me and going to act like me. And I also know that I have a very strong sister that is going to be strong during this too. well I'll explain this later well in 4 weeks when we find out the doctor was wrong and God answered prayers. On a good note we ate at Olive Garden
and then the next day we went to Tifton for daddys hearing test and let me tell you that since he had a hearing test done at work and they told him that he might have hearing lost in one of his ears he has been ACTING like he cant hear..well me and Kagen solved that by making him an appt with Kagen's ent well we made daddys with the closer office and the test came back Lance had normal hearing and better in some places. and let me say the whole time we were there Kagen was ill because he was tired from all the riding he has been doing the past 2 days but its ok. Hes perfect and I believe some of his fussiness is from teething too.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

OT visit

well since the last post we have gone to the doctor for Kagen's 4 months check up he's a big boy weighing 12 lbs 11ozs and 24.5 inches long.He wouldn't talk to the doctor or even push up like he does all the time at home but thank goodness Aunt Jessica shows her the pictures so she knows he CAN do it. And Aunt Jessica gave him his shots and this little spoiled boy only cried for a min as soon as she picked him up he stopped. We all know he loves his Aunt Jessica because he can be screaming and when we let him talk to her on the phone he gets quit and the doctor said he couldn't hear. Kagen can hear when Kagen wants hes a boy what do we expect.
 he was happy after getting shots too bad once he woke up from nap a few hours later he wasn't so happy and boy was he ill
We met with his OT today for the first time and once again we hear I'm doing everything that she would do if she came she did tell me to start holding his arms down while holding him so he will get better head control and we will see her again in February and once a month until we see we need her more.

Our daddy told us that we would no longer wear this shirt again after today and it would be something that goes to AnaKate because it has ruffles on it (yes I no ruffles arent for boys but the socks that came with the outfit said little man so well its a boys outfit) but daddy said no more so after it gets out the wash it goes in AnaKates box also let me add we only wore it 2 times and the 2 times we wore it daddy complained the 1st time we didnt leave the house and the 2nd time was Wednesday(yesterday) and we only went out to eat with nanny,grandaddy,nana,aunt jessica,uncle sam, and of course mommy. And no one committed on it