Thursday, June 21, 2012

9 months old

Well Kagens a big cousin as of June 1st. We were very happy to finally meet miss AnaKate, and after her stay in the hospital and many trips back and forth to see her Kagen finally met her the day she came home and was so happy and I was more excited that I could actually hold her without sneaking. Kagen has been doing so good, today we had PT come and she will start onces a week with OT so we will have long nights those two nights but its ok whatever helps him makes me happy. He went to the ENT the other day and they sent us to another for more testing which turned out that he can hear fine and if there is any hearing lost its temporary because there might be fluid, but besides that mr. Kagen has been mean as ever. Hes getting to the stage now that when he gets excited he hits and he loves the girls bows when they wear them. He got in trouble the other day for hitting AnaKate but he wanted her bow. He really loves her, not much Aunt Jessica anymore but hes coming around. This is the 1st time he has seen her without her being pregnent with his best friend.
AnaKate and Kagen are going to be forever friends/cousins/brother.sister...AnaKate is also a sweet baby with something extra just like Kagen. It was love at first sight for me. I cant image life without her or Kagen. She is my sweet AnaKate and she is going to drive her mommy and daddy crazy when she gets older because shes going to want to stay with me, because I already no im going to be her favorite aunt and plus who else will gain up on her mom and dad better then me her and kagen. I cant wait until they get a little older when they both can do a little more and not so tiny. But AnaKate is growing way more then Kagen did. Shes going to be a chunk once she gets the right milk.

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